Conversations with Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators

Storyland podcast, produced by Storyland Education Centre, hosts interviews with children’s book authors and illustrators from all over the world. We are the first and only platform in China through which readers can directly hear from book creators about their stories.

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Paddy Donnelly is a picture book illustrator and author, originally from Ireland and now based in Belgium. Paddy grew up on the Irish coast and has been fascinated with the natural world since he was a child. In our interview, he talked about the creative process behind the two books that infused nature with imagination and how he was able to keep his own inner creative side through writing and illustrating children’s books.

Ana Pêgo’s project Plasticus Maritimus draws awareness to the impact of plastic on life on our planet. She collects plastic found on the beach and creates beautiful art out of them. In our interview, Ana shared with us her experience growing up by the ocean and how she first gained awareness of plastic pollution. You will hear about how children and adults alike can become more conscious of their use of plastic in their everyday lives.

Sarah Roberts is an animal behaviorist, environmentalist, and author of Somebody Swallowed Stanley. Her passion for adventures in the wild led her to conservation and environmental education work. In our interview, you will hear about the story of a plastic bag called Stanley, how Sarah first got the idea for creating him, and how she ‘tricked’ classroom children into believing a floating plastic bag was a real jellyfish!

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